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Inspection is a quality control method that involves Destructive (DT) and Non-destructive testing (NDT). It is an engineering discipline which has become enormously important during the last five decades due to the need to impart quality and as such materials, parts, components and structures need to be tested during all stages of manufacture. While the destructive methods are use to characterize materials, the Non-destructive methods are used to ensure that the fabrication process does not violate their integrity or functionality. A wide spectrum of industries and the academia need to embrace particularly the non destructive method of testing in ensuring quality and for diagnoses in ensuring effective maintenance practice if catastrophic failures are to be avoided. Failure of engineering infrastructure and concomitant effects are direct prices that our dear nation pays as a result of lack of sufficient inspection skills, non functional NDT policy and infrastructure.  With the Nigerian Content Development programme, there is now some awareness in this area but the skill ‘building capacity’ posture is still very much inadequate for a developing nation like Nigeria. The NDT methods are numerous and skills development in them will enhance the much needed technological development in all facets of the infrastructural development needs of the Nation, This is an area that will create employment and empowerment for the teaming unemployed youth if given the much needed attention.

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