Author Guidelines

DSPGJED is a peer-reviewed publication with focus on basic and applied research in Engineering and Allied Disciplines. Its scope extends over original contributions published as any of research articles, tutorial review or scientific commentaries. The Journal, which is an annual publication, has an Editorial Advisory Board constituted by eminent scientists and researchers spread across the globe, and accepts original contributions from authors in the global scientific community.

Publications are encouraged to typically include description of the problem formulation, the establishment of an appropriate model, method (s) of problem solution, results and applications of interest to engineering practice. Where applicable experimental data are required to be complete and should include sufficient description of experimental set-up, methods and relevant experimental conditions, as will enable replication. Original research papers are herby invite not only from higher and Research Institutions in Nigeria but all over the world.

  1. Manuscripts should be written in English to ensure the widest possible circulation, and the complete typeset including abstract, body text, references and illustrations, should be typed double space on white A4 size paper (120mm x297mm) on one side only, with a minimum margin of 40mm on each side.
  2. Titles which should be informative must be in upper case letters on a title page, which includes name(s) and affiliation of author(s) as well as full postal, phone number and e-mail addresses.
  3. Abstracts that should accompany each manuscript are limited to no more than 200 words.
  4. Key Words should be up to a maximum of five.
  5. Full-length papersare limited to 20 double-spaced typewritten manuscript pages including illustrations and photographs, using 12 point times new roman font. Scientific commentaries are briefs, containing observations, remarks, or corrections concerning previously published works. Such contributions are typically reviewed by the Editor- in- Chief and are published at his discretion. Tutorial reviews are full-length papers that need not contain original contributions, but which comprehensively review state-of-the-art developments concerning the subject matter. The use of the System Internationale (SI) units as primary units of measurements is mandatory.
  6. Illustration should be kept to the minimum possible and should be made to fit the printing area (130mm x 180mm). Captions for illustrations, charts, tables, photographs etc must be numbered in sequence, and located below the illustration/table to which they refer.
  1. References should be numbered and should appear in the order of citation in the text. Detail of each reference should be given in a list provided at the end of the manuscript, and must include the following:
  • Names of all authors (not et-al)
  • Title of publication
  • Full title of journal, year of publication and journal’s volume, number
  • Journal’s volume, numbers.
  • First and last page numbers.

Example:Hurst M.P. and Mitt R. “Scattering centre analysis via Prony’s method” IEEE Trans. Antennas Propagate. August 1987 Vol. 35, pp. 986-988.

  1. Number of copies:  the peer-review and editing processes require that authors submit four (4) copies of each manuscript.

Submissions are to be addressed to:
The Editor-in-Chief,
Department of Computer Engineering Technology

School of Engineering
Delta State Polytechnic Ogwashi-Uku, Aniocha South LGA, Delta State, Nigeria
Electronic copies (in Microsoft Word 2003-2010) are encouraged. Submit to

  1. Peer Review: all papers are subjected to peers reviews by established experts in relevant fields. Dspgjet has a policy of ensuring that the decision to accept or reject a manuscript is taken within three months of the date of first submission.
  2. Galley Proofs are forwarded to the principal author of each manuscript accepted for publication. Only minor corrections and typographical errors are allowed on the proofs and should be made in accordance with instructions forwarded with the proofs. Major alterations will NOT, in general, be permitted.
  3. Charges: A flat rate of N2, 000.00 or US$20.00 is payable as administrative charges, including the peer-review process, and should be paid as part of the manuscript submission process. Publications appearing in the DSPGJET attract charges of N10, 000.00 or USD80.00.

All payments may be made in any branch of FIRST BANK of Nigeria PLC
Account Name: DSPG
Account No: 2004402644
Deposit slips scanned and forwarded as proof of payment.